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Our Docks

Our floating dock systems are made with care and one at a time, ensuring that attention is given to the finer details. We custom cut each set of floats from highly durable polyethylene pipe, taking our time to make sure every joint and weld is both accurate and neat. All of our floats have brackets welded to the top of the pontoons, allowing us, and our clients the ability to connect the top deck system as needed. These welded brackets can be shaped for our deck systems or made as “blanks” to conform to your deck design, should you choose to construct the deck portion yourself.

We pride ourselves in producing high quality and elegantly designed platforms and decks made from a selection of wood products including Cedar, Hemlock, and Pressure treated spruce.

Drawing on our experience with building product and our passion for ever evolving construction techniques, we are able to turn your waterfront area into a year round retreat.

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